First Church of Christ, Scientist, State College

An Outstanding Healing of a Dog

Many years ago, my husband and I witnessed a remarkable healing I’d like to share. We were living in New Jersey at the time and had traveled to see the 4th of July centenary celebrations and the re-opening of the Statue of Liberty which included fireworks and the largest flotilla of tall ships on the Hudson River in modern history. A spectacular day.

As we drove home in the wee hours of the night, my husband saw something on the side of the road. I was asleep, but after a few hundred yards, he turned back. An English Setter, possibly frightened by fireworks, had been hit by a car and left for dead. He had no collar on and his head was lying in a pool of blood.

We assessed the scene. He desperately needed help, but we were unable to move him. We had no phone. There were no other cars. After some moments, we noticed a building across the street with lights on. My husband went to seek help. A night watchman at the building agreed to call the animal control officer.

After what seemed an eternity, the officer arrived. He brusquely roped the dog and ferried him off. During this whole episode, I was praying as best I knew how, but the officer’s manner saddened me, and there didn’t seem to be much hope.

The next day, my husband located and visited the shelter that took in the dog. He found him unresponsive; his tongue stuck to the rubber mat beneath his head. No one had reported him missing. My husband dipped his finger in some water and touched the dog’s tongue. There was a slight response!

I called a Christian Science practitioner to help us. This practitioner owned a dog whose vocal cords had been surgically severed by a previous owner to stop it from barking. The dog was healed through her prayers and its full bark restored. She agreed to take the case.

We named the dog Trooper. That first night, he couldn’t stand. He couldn’t eat because of a misaligned jaw. But he felt our love. Interestingly, during this time we had a large, un-neutered male German shepherd mix who was typically very protective of us. Yet he, too, could sense this fellow animal needed our aid and he was deferential of our attention to Trooper.

The practitioner continued praying with us. The dog’s jaw had aligned by the very next evening and he ate his first meal in days. He gained strength and responsiveness daily. The following Sunday, a week after the incident, I woke up early and went into the kitchen. As if to say, “Look, Mom,” Trooper slowly and shakily began trying to stand on all fours until he stood completely upright. I burst into tears.

Progress was swift. He recovered steadily and completely, even going on runs with us. But one problem remained. Our tiny condominium had a 1-dog rule. Other home-owners (and our dog) had ben patient and supportive through Trooper’s recovery, but now he was well and had to go. In praying about this, the practitioner told me, “He includes home.”

That Labor Day, we made a trip to Pennsylvania for a family gathering, bringing both dogs with us. When we arrived, Trooper walked out onto the patio and rested his head on the lap of my brother-in-law. My nieces asked their dad if they could have a dog and take him home to Michigan. And, of course, the answer was YES! Trooper became their first dog and he lived many happy years with them.

This outstanding healing was a wonderful opportunity to witness the effectiveness of Christian Science treatment. I will always be grateful for the practitioner’s steadfast support as we learned step-by-step to Trust Trooper to God’s care.

Jennifer D.