First Church of Christ, Scientist, State College

(Christian Science)

Lord's Prayer Brings Instant Healing

I woke up one morning feeling slightly dizzy, and with some ache in my body.  As we were planning a wonderful day trip with my sewing friend, I was disappointed that I was feeling ill.  I wasn't sure I should go on the trip.  However, I got in the car, with my husband driving, and we started on our way to pick up my friend in an assisted living facility in town.  While driving there, I began to say the Lord's Prayer in my thought.  "Our Father, which art in heaven,  Hallowed be Thy name."  (Matthew 6:9) That is as far as I got in my prayer.  The phrase "Hallowed be Thy name" brought to my thought the wonderfulness of that Name, along with the realization of all of the omnipotent, ever-present goodness that is God, and following that, how much I loved God.  This flooded my thought at that moment. 

I looked out the window for a minute, and decided I should get back to my prayer, when I realized that I was completely free from the dizziness and discomfort.  I discovered that I was my usual happy self, and was so humbly grateful to God, who is Love (I John 4:16), for this powerful proof of God's care.  The day trip with my husband and friend was a beautiful, joyful day, and the best part was that God's great love was right there, too!

Janice Kennedy, State College, PA