First Church of Christ, Scientist, State College

The Preparations of the Heart


The topic for a recent testimony meeting was: "The preparations of the heart in man and the answer of the tongue, is from the Lord"  (Proverbs 16:1)

In the meeting a testifier read a selection called "Balancing God's Qualities" from The Woman's Book of Soul by Sue Patton Thoele. This statement says that a full expression of God cannot be just male, but must express both male and female qualities. These ideas are similar to those of Mary Baker Eddy, who spoke of God as our Father-Mother.

I thought about how Jesus expressed the feminine qualities of compassion, cooperation, patience, nurturing, etc., while not lacking any male qualities or masculine authority.

I was also reminded of a recent discussion I had with two ladies from France, who felt Mary Baker Eddy was the model for accomplishing all that a man would have done in her time, while remaining fully feminine and expressing motherly qualities.  She did not have to act like a man.   Eddy chose to stay with emancipating both men and women from mental bondage rather than taking active part in the women's suffrage movement.  Susan B. Anthony, one of the leaders of that movement, was a student of Eddy.

The English word 'heart' is translated as 'Mind' in Japanese.  Mind, a synonym for God,  is the highest source of intelligence and 'heart'.  Thus, in Japanese, 'heart' (kokoro) expresses a perfect balance of the male and female qualities of God.

fujiko, Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, United States