Event Photos - First Night State College 2010

Keng and her friend stopped in for more cookies later in the day.

Linda E. serves some hot cider.

Star and Keng setting up the cookie table in the morning.

Arranging the cookies in the back room for easy access. Over 2,000 cookies were baked by members of the Christian Science church as well as by friends and other community members.

Crockpots are lined up and ready to be filled with cider.

Linda E. and Keng help to arrange the cookies.

Visitors enjoying the Christian Science Reading Room while Judy B. serves hot cider.

Keng sitting on the sleigh made of ice.

Star putting money in the ice wishing well.

Annie and others enjoying some of the homemade cookies.

Visitors enjoyed looking at our sales items. Some asked about Christian Science and healing. Others made a purchase.

Annetta refills the cookie table.

One of our church families donated delicious cookies for First Night.

Jan E., Charlie, and Dorie help out with the cider and selling of buttons.

Joe serves hot cider to a couple in the evening. 393 people came in during his shift so he gave out a lot of cider!

Diane K. heating up more cider. We went through 28 gallons of Ways cider.

An ice sculpture downtown.

An ice sculpture in front of Woodring's flower store.

A lull in the activity. Over 1,268 people came into the Reading Room between 10:30 am and 10:30 pm.

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