Event Photos - First Night State College 2009

Visitors pour into the State College Christian Science Reading Room on First Night 2009.

Nannette standing in front of our ice sculpture---a beautiful cross.

Michael and friends enjoying cookies.

Michael and friends.

Meredith, Tim, Connie and Rakesh.

A small child warming up with hot cider.

Lots of activity because it is cold outside and warm inside.

Connie pouring hot cider.

Connie and a little boy who dropped his cookie!

Nannette, Tim and Meredith catching up with the year's events.

Chuck enjoying some hot cider after church.

Nannette helping out at the cider station while Chuck and Dale share a few stories.

Which cookie should I take?

Nannette, Connie and some visitors.

A young family with a newborn and little boy enjoy relaxing in the Reading Room for about 45 minutes!

Daddy is happily feeding his little girl.

Mike and the previous renter of the Reading Room (Steven's Jewelers). This was the first time he has seen the store since he rented it in the 1980s to early 1990s.

The previous renter of the Reading Room store (Steven's Jewelers) and his wife.


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